You do not have to be a professional DJ to play with mixers. Right now, iBuddy can remix your music anywhere in an easiest way. The iBuddy features a fresh and innovative new iPod docking system that allows users to play two songs simultaneously from two iPods, without the need of a computer.


  • iPod
  • Play iBuddy with three different combinations:
  • iPod + iPod.
  • MP3 player + MP3 player
  • iPod + MP3
  • Play and simultaneously charge you iPod
  • Two universal iPod docking stations accept all iPod models
  • Music Mix
  • Two sets of effects programs
  • a. Program 1: Reverb to infinity, flange, LP filter
  • b. Program 2: Pitch to zero, autophase, HP filter
  • Programs 1 and 2 switch selectable
  • Switch headphones between mix and cue channels
  • Switch audio output between original sound and mix effect.
  • Cross-fade music mix. Simultaneous occurrence of a fade-in and a fade-out.
  • Microphone Mix
  • Mic can be routed directly or through effects
Power Output DC 12V, 1.66A
Power Input AC 100 ~ 240 V / 50 ~ 60Hz / 0.4A
Power Consumption (charging) 1. 980mA (Two iPodRs)
  2. 260mA (Two MP3 Players)
Operating Environment Temperature + 5 °C - + 35°C (+ 41°F - + 95°F )
External Dimension 184mm * 200mm * 52.3mm
Weight 800g
Recommend Speaker / Subwoofer
Satellite 40 watts (PMPO) *2 (MAX)
  Impedance: 4-8 Ω .
  Frequency: 165~18KHZ
Recommend Micro Headphone Spec
Microphone Uni-Directional
  Frequency: 30-16KHZ
  Impedance:320hms / 1KHZ
Headphone Frequency: 20-20KHZ
  Impedance: 320hm / 1KHZ

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